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Lugash Law Center, is your real estate agent and attorney all in one. Our Team is the leading premier short sale professionals and have been San Diego realtors and lawyer for over a decade. Lugash Law Center is not only renowned for providing the most comprehensive and thorough real estate short sale services and legal advice, but also for providing clients with a caring environment to help them begin rebuilding their lives. When you work with Lugash Law Center as your real estate professional you are getting a short sale specialist team who will provide free legal services to their expertise as real estate agents. While some may offer services in a single industry, Lugash Law Center is able to combine years of expertise as a real estate broker and an established real estate attorney to provide their clients with all the information that they need to make proper real estate decisions. Their expertise gives clients the option for a "Long or Short Sale," giving them the flexibility regarding how much time they can remain in their home. Even though they cannot guarantee a specific outcome, Lugash Law Center always makes sure their clients are protected, have all the information they need to make informed decisions, and are diligently advocated for. Whether you have questions about loan modifications, bankruptcy, short sales vs. foreclosure, or anything else to do with real estate legal advice, Lugash Law Center will be there for you.

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